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Always a pleasure working with Rosalie! I love that her readings bring together a variety of wisdom & tools. She'll pull from animal medicine, colors, numerology, and the Akashic Records. Highly intuitive & easy to talk with, highly recommend!

Rosalie loves what she does. I have had several services completed by her and she always explains thungs so thoroughly and makes sure you understand everything completely. If you want to learn more about your birth chart or have a reading I highly recommend Rosalie.

I received a Full Moon reading from Rosalie and it was meaningful and I loved that I got a photo of the cards drawn and a recording for each card. I appreciate her talent and look forward to future readings!

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I was delighted to work with Rosalie Ena! She has myriad tools at her literal fingertips and brings through super strong mediumship with each! She was no less than spot on about who of my guides showed up to support our session and all of her offerings resonated deeply with that truth space inside me. She is fun and real and so talented! In the days following our session, my dreams have been filled with vivid messages as I integrate all of the messages. I do feel this is a gift that Rosalie helped to bring forth in me as I’m remembering so much more vividly, my dreams and this is a gift of hers. 🤍

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