“It is your life, your journey, your path; You walk it your way.”

Destiny Dragon 🐉


I'm literally on the brink of tears listening to you break down this reading. On a scale of 1 to 10 everything you've said resonated on a 10.Your voice was so calming and peaceful.. I also liked the mellowness of the music playing in the background. It made me feel as if I was physically in front of you.

Angel B.

​​I decided to get the reading out of curiosity, and was blown away by how accurate the reading was for me. It also helped me to shift away from fear and into patience with one of the areas that came up for me during the reading. I found the experience to be so easy and very helpful, and Rosalie is a light that we need in the world.

Shawna Pelton

OMG...Your reading...the first card pulled...and what it meant to me...has manifested itself...like in a day!

Tanya Costigan



Hello ​👋🏼​ I am Rosalie Ena Long. I am very unique and creatively multi-talented. I'm a Sagittarius Sun and Moon and a Scorpio Rising. A natural explorer on a spiritual quest.​​
​​I am a wife and mother to 5 gifted children.​​
​​I enjoy astrology, numerology, sharing my life lessons, creative arts, seeking truths, and utilizing my natural intuitive abilities as a psychic medium to connect and communicate with the loving natural world such as the animals and insects, as well as the benevolent spirits and energies in other realms to receive information that helps myself and others live a more fulfilling and whole life. I believe guidance is all around us at all times, we just have to become more aware and see the signs and trust ourselves and our intuition. We all have this ability. I have done a lot of personal transformation to heal myself and my deep core wounds, and continue to. Doing so has led me to new understandings and have developed so much compassion to want to assist others as a transformation activist and a loving illuminating guide.​​