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About Me

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Goddess Rosalie Ena is a stellar intuitive who nurtures and guides many. As a beacon of love, spiritual teacher, and cosmic midwife meeting people and businesses where they are on their journey, she utilizes the ancient wisdom from within and advises with simple wholistic practices that help us remember our balance with our truest essence, seeing the bigger picture, developing the love for ourselves and others, our connection with the earth, elements, nature and animal kingdom, the spiritual and cosmic beings, and higher realms of existence.


Her life's journey has brought her much wisdom. From growing up into trauma and abuse, to deprogramming indoctrination, to opening her heart and rebuilding many times. She is a mother and divine feminine and has learned many lessons from her roles and experiences in life. Through her own awakenings, her journey has led her to remembering herself and her mission. An old soul and galactic star being having deep ancestral roots as a shamaness and medicine woman, clear channel, rhythmic dancer, animal & nature communicator, spokesperson and public speaker, earth ambassador, raconteur, and multi-passionate creatrix to quote some she shares her gifts with the world and desires to build a loving supportive community so we all can grow together and being our most authentic selves.

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