12/11/17 - Used the Mixer✔️

On July 31, 2016 I purchased a stand mixer with the intent to get into baking. Everyone in my family supported this decision since I had been doing it all by hand when I did bake something. 2 Days later it came to our door step but I never opened the box.

You see I had this mindset that I had to have my kitchen in order to use this mixer. I was in the process of slowly decluttering our house at that time. I had to do things in order. The kitchen was always last. It ended up still staying in its box unopened.

Fast forward to August of 2017. We now are in our dream home. I have a way bigger kitchen. I finally unboxed the mixer! But I still didn’t use it. It was sitting in the cabinet. It had a place. That’s slight progress. I kept making excuses or would forget about it.

As of late, I have been making progress to do more and more of the things I have been wanting to do but didn’t do. So today I did it. I pulled out the mixer put it on the counter and made banana bread! 

Not just any banana bread but my recipe.  

I couldn’t find my loaf pan so I use the cupcake pan. 

I couldn’t find my loaf pan so I use the cupcake pan. 

It felt really good to do this on a whim too. It literally just dawned on me and I took action.  


As the banana bread muffins were cooking my husband cake down from his office and had the biggest smile on his face. My kids were so excited as they were taken out the oven.  Who would of thought that my baking something so simple would bring so much joy. 

So good and very fluffy

So good and very fluffy

Sometimes I have to take my own medicine and Stop Stopping Myself.  I was holding back for no reason. I was stopping myself and my family from wonderful moment of indulgence in baked goods. 

But no more. Rosalie will be the baker too. 

Stop Stopping Yourself

I realized I was actually holding myself back from moving forward because I was feeling like I had to have everything just right before I could reach a goal. Or didn’t even try because I didn’t have the money.

Now I work hard to just simplify and Think Simple! What do I already have? Think simple. So many goals are now being reached since making this small change in my thinking. Some days it takes work. But I’m determined to stick to it because I am making so much progress and my dreams and goals are manifesting!

Go with the flow

Sometimes I make plans for my day and they rarely go as planned or don’t happen at all because life. 

But when I don’t plan and just see how the day goes and act on what I’m drawn to do, my days are amazing and fun.  

Today we had one of those day. We made a mess painting and it was great. I even let the boys paint on the glass doors. It’s washable. I didn’t give myself unnecessary stress or anxiety because I had no expectations.  

Raiden Theory painting the box. 

Raiden Theory painting the box. 

They had a fun bath together as always. No crying episodes either. 


We ate good food and enjoyed the day outside too for a bit.  

Thats one thing I’m working on, not giving myself unnecessary stress and anxiety. Some days I just have to let it unfold organically. 

Boys Can wear Pink & All Colors they feel

Who decided that girls should wear pink and boys should wear blue? My logical sense doesn’t understand that logic. Males and females are attracted to all colors. Colors make you feel Wonderful when we are drawn to them. So we all should wear whatever color you feel like wearing all of the time!


My husband and I agreed that we would work on unraveling these brainwashed views with in us. We honestly feel a lot lot of views are not right. So we do more of what feels right and not limit ourselves. It still will be not what many would do but this is our life to make the right decisions for us. We want our children to do the same. So when it comes to clothing we have them wear all colors. So they don’t see sides but go with what they are naturally drawn to. 

Do what feels right🌈❤️

Rosalie went on Strike

I woke up ready to start my day putting clothes away and hung up since it needed to be done. And yes it was with the boys awake unfolding all the clothes I was folding and on top of Charles because he was still asleep. I then came downstairs to make breakfast and the kitchen was a mess. I had asked the girls to clean up before the went to bed and it never happened food was even left out.

I was so frustrated. Like how can all of this get so messy so fast. I started cleaning up and then I said to myself “Stop what you’re doing” . I looked at Charles and said “I’m done cleaning this fucking house.” He looked at me because I use a cuss word but hey it got his attention. Then I said,

“I’m on Strike!”

He was so quiet. Mind you the girls were still sleeping and it was going on noon time. I was so mad. So I went upstairs to wake them up and their room was a disaster. I go in their bathroom and not only is the toilet paper gone and not replaced but the fucking roll was on the floor. I came back down stairs saying “I’m done!”.

I went outside for some fresh air and calm myself down. I did some deep breathing sets and then one of my friends calls me. I told her perfect timing. I chatted with 3 of my good friends that day and had alone time to get work done and brain dump onto paper. When I was all done that evening, magically the house was clean. Go figure.

Taking steps to achieve goals

Today I had to run out  to do an errand and this one street I often drive through as a short cut holds this small business. A woodworking workshop called Dan’s Woodworking Shop. I always wanted to stop by but didn’t feel like it would be good to bring my little kids into. Until today because I was by myself. 

So I impulsively stopped in the middle of the road and backed up and parked in the driveway. I was greeted by Dan himself. He showed me around his shop and the furniture he was working on. It was so cool. I was smiling so hard my cheeks started to get sore. I felt this huge excitement within. I told him how I was a carpenter and want to get back into my passion of furniture making and restoration. So he gave me lot of advice and even offered to help in many ways. He referred me to many local businesses who could possibly provide supplies you can’t just buy in a store too. 

It’s steps to achieve goals. 

I am so glad I stopped and met Dan today. Another local connection.

I finally went LIVE

I did it! I went Live on Facebook. Three times in one day to be exact!  

I was all nerves. I had kept putting it off to the next day, to the next. Then I said to myself “Do it Now!”. I needed to show off my handmade products. People needed to see it in real time since I am an online shop. I already had my hair and makeup done, so there was no excuse. I was even sporting a Curlie Girlie T-shirt from another mompreneur and friend Necee from U Got Me Twisted Apparel. It was Small Business Saturday after all! I had to give her a shout out because she helped me motivate me to get in shape with doing 60 jumping jacks in one minute and getting my business officially launched. She encouraged me to take the step and start sharing what I do and livestream it. We actually met on Periscope a few years ago. I actually was going Live talking to people all over the world and sharing my stories daily. But I had taken a break from doing it because it was taking over my life and I had to get life in order and balance. So I stopped. 

So now that my life is in better order I feel drawn to do it more and keep life balanced. It feels great. Sharing my passion and all about it. I am overly critical of myself however. I lost my thoughts at the worst time but I kept going and I still received great feedback from my followers. It was a good day and I did great and accomplished another goal.

Now to do this more often. I’m ready! 

To watch one of my livestreams click here

Screenshot from one of my livestreams.

Screenshot from one of my livestreams.

I love babywearing

Babywearing has changed my life! It’s given me the ability to use my arms for what I want to use them for instead of holding a baby all day long. It does create a different bond I feel. Many times it’s so soothing they will fall asleep. 

Going food shopping or into any store is so much easier while I have one son on my back or one in the front and one in the back.  It has given me life.

Babywearing has given me new found freedom.

My emotions were triggered

I had saw the preview to the show This Is Us for this week and I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to watch it so I pushed it out a few days to watch it earlier in the day than before I went to bed. 

This weeks episode was about miscarriage. I had a miscarriage in 2014 after years of trying to conceive. I had been wanting to tell my story ever since but something kept stopping me from doing it. It still needs to be said and all of the details. When I was going through my natural miscarriage all the details I couldn’t find. All of the what’s going to happen to my body. The doctors didn’t have the answers I wanted. So I was left to see what happened. I was so alone. I had no support. But I made it through it. I miss my baby. I never found out if my baby was a boy or girl. Although I felt she was a girl. This episode brought back all of my memories of the devastating 2 weeks of my life. The 2 weeks that I will soon be able to share in a video so it can hopefully help and answer questions for another mom going through the loss of a baby and the changes your body will go through. 


I am so proud of Rachel

The first time I met Rachel I was invited over to her apartment by her ex boyfriend. Yes they were still friends, it’s really not uncommon. I’m really good friends with my ex husband too. So anyways, she was going to be there and he wanted me to meet her because he thought I would really get along with her. Turns out he was so right! 

She was super tall and stunningly beautiful. She literally had this glowing aura and she hugged me and I almost melted. I felt right then she was pure and a really good person.  

Everytime we get to talking we have such cool conversations, we motivate and help each other out too. We both see and feel deeply, but most importantly love truly. We totally get each other. 

I am so proud of Rachel! She has been blogging along with me daily on this journey to blog everyday for at least 3 weeks to create the habit and stickto goals. Go check out her blog site Positive Spread all about Positivity!🌈❤️ 

My bestie Rachel  

My bestie Rachel  

Buying Local

I love supporting small businesses. Especially when I get to know the owners. It makes the purchase that much sweeter. Shopping at the local farmers markets are great ways to shop small and support the community. 

Getting fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.  Farm fresh meats, and cheeses. Handmade soaps and natural body butters. You can get it all at the farmers market. 

One of my goals is to vendor at my local farmers market in 2018! I can’t wait. 

Remember to shop small this Saturday! 


A little bit every day

For a long time I had the mindset that a task I wanted to get done had to be completed that day. It’s how I used to always do things. But my life recently added 2 more babies to the mix. So I was getting really frustrated and depressed at times because I couldn’t get anything completed on time or just plain completed.

I started asking in various Facebook entrepreneur goups how other moms handle Work/Life balance as a WAHM (work at home Mom). One method stood out to me called the Pomodoro Technique. This technique you work for 25 minutes and break for 5 minutes. So you’re going in intervals. 

I tried this out and most days it seems to work with me and the kids. And some days it doesn’t. Some days I only get 25 minutes of all tasks done. But hey it’s better than nothing and I still feel accomplished in my day. Because progress is progress.  Today I had success using this technique and was able to get more of my handmade products sewn. It was a good day overall. 

There is always another way. For me at the moment it’s a little bit everyday. 

Reflect Sunday

Sunday’s seem to always feel like a day to relax, reflect, and eat good food as a family.

When I reflected this Sunday, My focus went to all the things I manifested this past year. How far I have come in my business. All the mindset changes. But drifted deeper into all the perfect people placed in my life.

A year ago I was taking with my Doula and Midwife and ended up saying how I need to work on my circle of friends because I had nobody outside of the people in my house. My good friends weren’t my good friends anymore. I let ones go that just didn’t build me up. It really was just my husband and I for years. I got used to it. But as a new mom again I needed support. I was doing way to much and no one else was there to talk to about it. I took action and just started conversations with people. People in person while grocery shopping. People online. Slowly I started having regular conversations with people, and building relationships.

Amongst all of my doings over the past year I now have the most amazing, kind, straight up, no chaser, great listening, beautiful circle of friends and we are all succeeding and reaching goals as a team. I am so proud and grateful. 

Go Outside

My life as a mom is one of the greatest accomplishments! I have 5 living children that want my love. It’s the greatest feeling in the world. 

My reality however most of the time is constant go go go. Everyone needs me all of the time. I even need me. It’s very demanding. Most days I don’t get breaks. My two youngest sons rarely ever take naps at the same time. I really feel like they are doing it on purpose in code to each other so they get their alone time with me. So ultimately it’s really hard to take a break. I can’t even go pee and even look at myself in the mirror for a minute without one of them screaming their head off because I’m not holding or wearing them. I seriously feel like I’m going to loose it like every other day. I have my crying fits too. I keep saying to myself that this can’t be life. I can’t do this. I have no time to myself. So many days I’m not able to sew or create. I get sad a lot. Always cleaning too. Non fucking Stop!


Something had to change. So first issue. I felt I had no breaks. Even when I did technically have 5 minutes to do something I would end up cleaning or something that needed to be done in the house. That usually led to the list of things to do to constantly grow. Completely making myself run down. I realized what I was doing. These things really didn’t have to be done right that moment. 

Some things can Wait! 

So when I had that moment when they might be sleeping or at least content I would take a few minutes to go outside. I started to do it daily and do it multiple times when able  especially on those days I was about to loose  it. It was my little alone time. Here is what I started out doing to be more aware and meditation even when it’s only a few minutes at a time.

  • Go Outside
  • Look up
  • Look down
  • Look all around
  • Close your eyes
  • Listen
  • Take 5 deep breaths

It’s as simple as that.  Over time I started including other practices so I can maintain a positive and happy attitude throughout the day. 

I will be sharing more practices that have worked for me with you in future posts. I have realized how important it is to simply take a moment. Even better when it’s outside. Really in all the outside elements. Fresh air is so vital to our wellness.   

Take a moment and Go Outside! 


Shot from my backyard

Shot from my backyard

Everyone is not always going to agree with you

Not everyone is going to like your opinion! You may share your $.25 that you thoroughly thought out and calculated in a response and then not one person appreciated or agree with it.  

It can happen! It’s happened to me so many times. I get all emotional in my feelings. Like how f’n dare they! What the f is wrong with you. Then a few more curse words. Lol

What I eventually came to realize is that I’m not right all the time. Everyone is not always going to agree with me. It doesn’t mean I’m wrong in my opinions either. 

We all think and process differently. 

Sometimes that’s the issue. We all come from different places and experiences in our journey in life so we are going to look at situations differently from each other. There’s nothing wrong with that either.

Just because someone has a different opinion or view than you, should you cut them off? I notice many are doing just that. So quick to delete or block. But is it really necessary all the time? Like how does a disagreement constitute ending a friendship? My husband and I disagree all the time, but I’m not going to divorce him because of it. My friends and I have differences of opinions on tons of topics and beliefs. I wouldn’t do many of the things they do, but when you love and care about people, differences of opinions can potentially open up great conversations maybe even expanding ones perspectives. Talking and listening to understand even if you still don’t agree needs to happen more.  

Next time you find yourself getting all defensive, take a moment and take 5 deep breaths. Rethink your reaction & response! You may still say the same thing but at least you took a moment to respond than create unnecessary drama.

I Love Autumn

One big reason I will always love living in New England is because of the season of Autumn. It gets a little bit colder, so I’m not sweating as much and I can actually breathe. Fall festivals and fairs are everywhere. I get to wear my boots and sweaters that make me feel wonderful. The leaves start changing from green to hues of red, yellow and orange. It’s so beautiful!  

When I reflect, sometimes I feel like it’s also the time of year to make needed changes with my life. To let go of things or even people who are no longer serving me. Letting go of even material things I’m no longer going to use.  

Sometimes letting go can give yourself the chance to become greater and happier. Just like shedding leaves in Autumn.