My emotions were triggered

I had saw the preview to the show This Is Us for this week and I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to watch it so I pushed it out a few days to watch it earlier in the day than before I went to bed. 

This weeks episode was about miscarriage. I had a miscarriage in 2014 after years of trying to conceive. I had been wanting to tell my story ever since but something kept stopping me from doing it. It still needs to be said and all of the details. When I was going through my natural miscarriage all the details I couldn’t find. All of the what’s going to happen to my body. The doctors didn’t have the answers I wanted. So I was left to see what happened. I was so alone. I had no support. But I made it through it. I miss my baby. I never found out if my baby was a boy or girl. Although I felt she was a girl. This episode brought back all of my memories of the devastating 2 weeks of my life. The 2 weeks that I will soon be able to share in a video so it can hopefully help and answer questions for another mom going through the loss of a baby and the changes your body will go through. 


Reflect Sunday

Sunday’s seem to always feel like a day to relax, reflect, and eat good food as a family.

When I reflected this Sunday, My focus went to all the things I manifested this past year. How far I have come in my business. All the mindset changes. But drifted deeper into all the perfect people placed in my life.

A year ago I was taking with my Doula and Midwife and ended up saying how I need to work on my circle of friends because I had nobody outside of the people in my house. My good friends weren’t my good friends anymore. I let ones go that just didn’t build me up. It really was just my husband and I for years. I got used to it. But as a new mom again I needed support. I was doing way to much and no one else was there to talk to about it. I took action and just started conversations with people. People in person while grocery shopping. People online. Slowly I started having regular conversations with people, and building relationships.

Amongst all of my doings over the past year I now have the most amazing, kind, straight up, no chaser, great listening, beautiful circle of friends and we are all succeeding and reaching goals as a team. I am so proud and grateful.