A little bit every day

For a long time I had the mindset that a task I wanted to get done had to be completed that day. It’s how I used to always do things. But my life recently added 2 more babies to the mix. So I was getting really frustrated and depressed at times because I couldn’t get anything completed on time or just plain completed.

I started asking in various Facebook entrepreneur goups how other moms handle Work/Life balance as a WAHM (work at home Mom). One method stood out to me called the Pomodoro Technique. This technique you work for 25 minutes and break for 5 minutes. So you’re going in intervals. 

I tried this out and most days it seems to work with me and the kids. And some days it doesn’t. Some days I only get 25 minutes of all tasks done. But hey it’s better than nothing and I still feel accomplished in my day. Because progress is progress.  Today I had success using this technique and was able to get more of my handmade products sewn. It was a good day overall. 

There is always another way. For me at the moment it’s a little bit everyday.