Taking steps to achieve goals

Today I had to run out  to do an errand and this one street I often drive through as a short cut holds this small business. A woodworking workshop called Dan’s Woodworking Shop. I always wanted to stop by but didn’t feel like it would be good to bring my little kids into. Until today because I was by myself. 

So I impulsively stopped in the middle of the road and backed up and parked in the driveway. I was greeted by Dan himself. He showed me around his shop and the furniture he was working on. It was so cool. I was smiling so hard my cheeks started to get sore. I felt this huge excitement within. I told him how I was a carpenter and want to get back into my passion of furniture making and restoration. So he gave me lot of advice and even offered to help in many ways. He referred me to many local businesses who could possibly provide supplies you can’t just buy in a store too. 

It’s steps to achieve goals. 

I am so glad I stopped and met Dan today. Another local connection.

Buying Local

I love supporting small businesses. Especially when I get to know the owners. It makes the purchase that much sweeter. Shopping at the local farmers markets are great ways to shop small and support the community. 

Getting fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.  Farm fresh meats, and cheeses. Handmade soaps and natural body butters. You can get it all at the farmers market. 

One of my goals is to vendor at my local farmers market in 2018! I can’t wait. 

Remember to shop small this Saturday!