Rosalie went on Strike

I woke up ready to start my day putting clothes away and hung up since it needed to be done. And yes it was with the boys awake unfolding all the clothes I was folding and on top of Charles because he was still asleep. I then came downstairs to make breakfast and the kitchen was a mess. I had asked the girls to clean up before the went to bed and it never happened food was even left out.

I was so frustrated. Like how can all of this get so messy so fast. I started cleaning up and then I said to myself “Stop what you’re doing” . I looked at Charles and said “I’m done cleaning this fucking house.” He looked at me because I use a cuss word but hey it got his attention. Then I said,

“I’m on Strike!”

He was so quiet. Mind you the girls were still sleeping and it was going on noon time. I was so mad. So I went upstairs to wake them up and their room was a disaster. I go in their bathroom and not only is the toilet paper gone and not replaced but the fucking roll was on the floor. I came back down stairs saying “I’m done!”.

I went outside for some fresh air and calm myself down. I did some deep breathing sets and then one of my friends calls me. I told her perfect timing. I chatted with 3 of my good friends that day and had alone time to get work done and brain dump onto paper. When I was all done that evening, magically the house was clean. Go figure.

Taking steps to achieve goals

Today I had to run out  to do an errand and this one street I often drive through as a short cut holds this small business. A woodworking workshop called Dan’s Woodworking Shop. I always wanted to stop by but didn’t feel like it would be good to bring my little kids into. Until today because I was by myself. 

So I impulsively stopped in the middle of the road and backed up and parked in the driveway. I was greeted by Dan himself. He showed me around his shop and the furniture he was working on. It was so cool. I was smiling so hard my cheeks started to get sore. I felt this huge excitement within. I told him how I was a carpenter and want to get back into my passion of furniture making and restoration. So he gave me lot of advice and even offered to help in many ways. He referred me to many local businesses who could possibly provide supplies you can’t just buy in a store too. 

It’s steps to achieve goals. 

I am so glad I stopped and met Dan today. Another local connection.

A little bit every day

For a long time I had the mindset that a task I wanted to get done had to be completed that day. It’s how I used to always do things. But my life recently added 2 more babies to the mix. So I was getting really frustrated and depressed at times because I couldn’t get anything completed on time or just plain completed.

I started asking in various Facebook entrepreneur goups how other moms handle Work/Life balance as a WAHM (work at home Mom). One method stood out to me called the Pomodoro Technique. This technique you work for 25 minutes and break for 5 minutes. So you’re going in intervals. 

I tried this out and most days it seems to work with me and the kids. And some days it doesn’t. Some days I only get 25 minutes of all tasks done. But hey it’s better than nothing and I still feel accomplished in my day. Because progress is progress.  Today I had success using this technique and was able to get more of my handmade products sewn. It was a good day overall. 

There is always another way. For me at the moment it’s a little bit everyday. 

Reflect Sunday

Sunday’s seem to always feel like a day to relax, reflect, and eat good food as a family.

When I reflected this Sunday, My focus went to all the things I manifested this past year. How far I have come in my business. All the mindset changes. But drifted deeper into all the perfect people placed in my life.

A year ago I was taking with my Doula and Midwife and ended up saying how I need to work on my circle of friends because I had nobody outside of the people in my house. My good friends weren’t my good friends anymore. I let ones go that just didn’t build me up. It really was just my husband and I for years. I got used to it. But as a new mom again I needed support. I was doing way to much and no one else was there to talk to about it. I took action and just started conversations with people. People in person while grocery shopping. People online. Slowly I started having regular conversations with people, and building relationships.

Amongst all of my doings over the past year I now have the most amazing, kind, straight up, no chaser, great listening, beautiful circle of friends and we are all succeeding and reaching goals as a team. I am so proud and grateful. 

Everyone is not always going to agree with you

Not everyone is going to like your opinion! You may share your $.25 that you thoroughly thought out and calculated in a response and then not one person appreciated or agree with it.  

It can happen! It’s happened to me so many times. I get all emotional in my feelings. Like how f’n dare they! What the f is wrong with you. Then a few more curse words. Lol

What I eventually came to realize is that I’m not right all the time. Everyone is not always going to agree with me. It doesn’t mean I’m wrong in my opinions either. 

We all think and process differently. 

Sometimes that’s the issue. We all come from different places and experiences in our journey in life so we are going to look at situations differently from each other. There’s nothing wrong with that either.

Just because someone has a different opinion or view than you, should you cut them off? I notice many are doing just that. So quick to delete or block. But is it really necessary all the time? Like how does a disagreement constitute ending a friendship? My husband and I disagree all the time, but I’m not going to divorce him because of it. My friends and I have differences of opinions on tons of topics and beliefs. I wouldn’t do many of the things they do, but when you love and care about people, differences of opinions can potentially open up great conversations maybe even expanding ones perspectives. Talking and listening to understand even if you still don’t agree needs to happen more.  

Next time you find yourself getting all defensive, take a moment and take 5 deep breaths. Rethink your reaction & response! You may still say the same thing but at least you took a moment to respond than create unnecessary drama.