Go with the flow

Sometimes I make plans for my day and they rarely go as planned or don’t happen at all because life. 

But when I don’t plan and just see how the day goes and act on what I’m drawn to do, my days are amazing and fun.  

Today we had one of those day. We made a mess painting and it was great. I even let the boys paint on the glass doors. It’s washable. I didn’t give myself unnecessary stress or anxiety because I had no expectations.  

Raiden Theory painting the box. 

Raiden Theory painting the box. 

They had a fun bath together as always. No crying episodes either. 


We ate good food and enjoyed the day outside too for a bit.  

Thats one thing I’m working on, not giving myself unnecessary stress and anxiety. Some days I just have to let it unfold organically. 

Boys Can wear Pink & All Colors they feel

Who decided that girls should wear pink and boys should wear blue? My logical sense doesn’t understand that logic. Males and females are attracted to all colors. Colors make you feel Wonderful when we are drawn to them. So we all should wear whatever color you feel like wearing all of the time!


My husband and I agreed that we would work on unraveling these brainwashed views with in us. We honestly feel a lot lot of views are not right. So we do more of what feels right and not limit ourselves. It still will be not what many would do but this is our life to make the right decisions for us. We want our children to do the same. So when it comes to clothing we have them wear all colors. So they don’t see sides but go with what they are naturally drawn to. 

Do what feels right🌈❤️