9 years ago my life changed

9 years ago I met Charles off blackplanet.com.

The first day he wrote me we instantly clicked and started going on our webcams to make sure we were real. We talked and texted as much as we could. The next day he drove to meet me. For 2 weeks he drove 2 hours each day to see me somedays only for an hour or 2.

One day he wasn’t feeling good. He was worn out going to school, working, and driving to see me. So I made him chicken noodle soup with fresh vegetables from scratch. You see the only vegetables he would eat was corn and potatoes. Neither was in the soup but he said it smelled so good. He watched me dancing and cooking as he sat at the table admiring me with he eyes. Once the soup was ready he ate 3 big bowls of it not even leaving a drop of the broth. Instantly he was feeling better he said.

That evening as I was cleaning up he grabbed my hands, looked at me with a huge smile and asked me to be his girlfriend.

I said yes!

These are pics from that day, and we updated our relationship status on our social media’s at that time.

I knew in my heart there was something great if I invested my time in a relationship with him even though he was 4 years younger than me. He was goal driven, a good father, and was open to loving my daughter. I'm so glad I made the right choice!

Happy Anniversary my King🌈❤️

Dec 3, 2008

Dec 3, 2008