Day 21

I did it! I posted 21 blog posts to challenge myself to get in the habit of blogging daily. To top it all off, my best friend Rachel took the challenge and blogged with me. She even took on another 2 week challenge and did that too. Daily and she won the prize! So proud of her.

So to keep it all the way real. I missed some days. It wasn’t on purpose. I would just not finish before midnight or I’d remember after midnight.  Nonetheless, I am still so proud of myself. I went to look at my site and was like woah I wrote a lot of blog posts. And it all happened in a short period of time. I’m not stopping either. I can’t because I’m on a roll! This was a habit I wanted to create for myself to express myself and thoughts in a different ways. To be a positive influence and for people to know about me. 

I reached another goal. Now on to more. 

If you want to create a habit of writing daily try what I did and let me know how it goes by tagging me @rosaliesjourney & #rosaliesjourney.

Just do it! Think simple.