There’s only 1 You

Why do we compare ourselves to others? I’ve done it and sometimes I catch myself still doing it from time to time but remind myself that there is no one like me. No one thinks like me. No one speaks like me. Some things may be similar but I will do it differently if I allow myself to be creative.

If I allow myself to be creative.  You have to want to change and allow yourself to then do it.

I feel sometimes I had let myself get so lazy mentally. I wasn’t keeping it stimulating it in a positive way. I was following along with what everyone was doing. Not thinking for myself or even questioning things. Not even educating myself on some major things. I’m glad I caught myself. I used to be so very creative. It brought me great joy and satisfaction. It makes me happy. I needed to be happy all the time. So when I decided and allowed myself to change I stopped comparing myself to others because we all are different and living different journeys in different circumstances. Everyone’s life is different and level of knowledge and growth is too. So what basis are we even comparing ourselves with?

So when I started telling myself this daily I also started naturally loving myself more. Then being happy and free to Be Creative!

There is only 1 You! 

Love yourself more🌈❤️