I love coffee

I would of never thought I would be addicted to coffee. I feel like I have to have it everyday. It tastes so good. All the different roasts.  All the different ways to prepare coffee. I love coffee!

Quick story

When did the ordering process at Dunkin’ Donuts change? Like I was always able to order my coffee and say “medium iced dark little extra sugar” and they would get it right. I usually make my daily dose of coffee at home but once in a while I let someone else make it for me. So one day I treated myself after dropping off the kids to school and went to Dunkin’s. Ordered it the way I always do and the person had no clue what I was talking about. He even said he didn’t understand me. He then said “How many numbers milk and sugars do you want?”

You all should of seen my face! My hand went over my chest in disbelief of what I had just heard. How many numbers? I don’t know how many numbers?  Do you know how many numbers?  I was so confused. So I guessed at it and said

“1 milk 4 sugars.”

I pull up to the window get my coffee and head home. I get the boys situated and was finally able to sit and drink my coffee. Surprisingly it was splendid! Just how I like it. But I was still taken back by this whole ordering process. So I called and asked to speak to the manager. I asked her why did I have to say numbers when ordering. She said it’s the new training to ensure all the new hires and young kids make the coffee right. I didn’t know how to feel. Like why change how it’s always been. But at the same time change is good. I mean they did make my coffee right.  


I always seem to gravitate more to dark roast coffees. But I had always wondered why it didn’t wake me up. One day someone told me that the lighter the roast the more caffeine is in the bean. The more it’s roasted the less caffeine. I was like whaaat! I never knew this so I obviously had to google it. Sure enough it was true and it made total sense to me.

I still love my dark roast flavors so I usually will mix light and dark roast beans in the coffee grinder together. Yes I have to have freshly made coffee. Sometimes I like it iced. Sometimes I like it hot. Then I pick my cup for the day. Speaking of cups, I need more unique mugs. Searching the webs.

How do you like your coffee?