3 ways to be calmer when all you see is Red Flames of Fury

3 ways to be calmer when all you see is Red Flames of Fury

We have all been there at one time or another. That moment when someone makes you so mad you want to rip their freaking head off. Maybe they just aren’t listening to you because all they want you to do is keep talking over you and they won’t leave you alone. Your fists are tightening. Your blood pressure is rising. You’ve had enough. 

I know that feeling very well too. I’ve learned how to handle myself better when things may go down that road. Here are 3 practices I started to using to calm myself down when seeing Red Flames of Fury. 

  1. Walking Away
  2. Go Outside
  3. Take 5 Deep Breaths

Simply doing these 3 practices can do amazing things for your well being. However in reality, it’s not going to always be that easy. They probably are going ask where you’re going. Just tell them you need to calm down and you will come back to talk about it after. 

I find I need my sanity and peace of mind, than wasting my time and energy on getting the last word in arguments or possibly worse. So take time to calm down, get yourself together and make better choices with your mind.

Hope this helps. 

Turn your negative into a positive🌈❤️